Robeye is a simple and effective Robotic Guidance Solution that mimics the human visual process.
CortexRecognition® is a ground breaking piece of visual recognition and guidance software that powers our Robeye and RAIO systems.
Lucana is a no Programming, 3D Measurement, Robotic Guidance tool.
Lucana Aero is designed and built specifically to enable Robotic Drilling and Countersinking in air-frame applications.
Coming soon, stay tuned!

Latest Events

Date: 11 August 2014

Guided without GPS

Recognition Robotics awarded a contract with General Dynamics to demonstrate our technology’s

Date: 11 August 2014

Welding Training Unit

EWI field tests a new prototype welding training unit based on Recogntion Robotics visual recogntion

Date: 11 August 2014


Trade Show