Visual Guidance. Evolved.

We are the first company to equip machines with <BR>human-like sight and hand-eye coordination.

Pioneering Innovators

Prior to Recognition Robotics, factories did not have a reliable solution for a robot to pick non-fixtured parts in racks. With a single 2D camera and our patented visual recognition software, our solutions can learn from a single picture of the part and guide the robot to pick the part in 3D with a full six degrees of freedom. The skill level required to implement and maintain our solutions does not exceed that of existing plant floor personnel.

The Company

Recognition Robotics is an independent, American company producing an innovative robotic vision “brain” and software that creates the new way of automation. With a growing list of patented technologies, Recognition Robotics is the high-value provider of breakthrough, quick set-up productivity enhancements that increase the profitability of any automated line or process.


Dr. Simon Melikian is the founder, president and CEO of Recognition Robotics. A pioneer in visual recognition and an expert in the design and practical implementation of the self-learning algorithm, he creates products that mimic the human cognitive ability to recognize objects regardless of their presentation.

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