Visual Guidance. Evolved.

We are the first company to equip machines with <BR>human-like sight and hand-eye coordination.

Pioneering Innovators

Recognition Robotics was founded in 2008 to revolutionize machine vision technology with the ultimate goal of advancing toward autonomous, intelligent visual recognition and production.

The Company

Recognition Robotics is an independent company producing category-shifting visual recognition technology that defines future manufacturing’s new normal. With a growing list of patented technologies, Recognition Robotics is the high-value provider of breakthrough, quick set-up productivity enhancements that increase the profitability of any automated line or process.


Dr. Simon Melikian is the founder, president and CEO of Recognition Robotics. A pioneer in visual recognition and an expert in the design and practical implementation of the self-learning algorithm, he creates products that mimic the human cognitive ability to recognize objects regardless of their presentation.

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