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CortexRecognition on RAIO – Engine Block Guidance in 6D

At Recognition Robotics, we strive to push the boundaries of what can be done with visual guidance. In this demonstration, our RAIO 6D guidance sensor will guide a robot to an engine block in space, regardless of location and orientation thanks to CortexRecognition software. Once realigned to the engine, the robot can perform its functions […]

Recognition Robotics S.r.l @ SPS Parma IPC Drives 2017

Recognition Robotics S.r.l. has been showcasing latest innovation with RAIO product line running on Universal Robot at SPS IPC Drives 2017 in collaboration with iMAGES srl. RAIO is capable of displaying native User Interface on the Universal Robot teach pendant giving access to the entire software programming experience . Sign-up future events Fill out the form or call us to […]

May 2017 Demo Days @ Recognition Robotics Wixom

May brought an opportunity to host multiple Demo Days at Recognition Robotics’ Michigan office. Potential end customers and integrators had the chance to view and interact with various robotic demos in our lab. All of our current technologies were present and everyone had a chance to get a real hands-on feel for all of our […]

Automate 2017 – Vision Guided Deburring with Kawasaki

Kawasaki and Recognition Robotics collaborated on a vision guided deburring cell, utilizing their RS010L robot and our RAIO 6D guidance product. This interactive demonstration allowed attendees to manually rotate an engine block one hundred and eighty degrees, and tilt the block upwards of thirty degrees. The RAIO guidance unit would then locate and align the robot […]

Recognition Robotics in “Robotic Bin Picking – The Holy Grail in Sight”

Sensors, Software and EOAT Random bin picking requires a convergence of technologies, particularly three main components that raise the robot’s intelligence: sensors, software, and end-of-arm tooling. Development in all three areas is moving us ever closer to that elusive prize. “One of the big ones is the hardware,” says McCoy. “That just continues to get […]

Recognition Robotics in “Why Random Bin Picking Benefits Everyone’s Industrial Automation Needs”

Breakthroughs occurred with advanced software, rapid computer processing and vision systems and new options in gripping. Bin picking was referred to as “a problem that’s approachable” in the article Intelligent Robots: A Feast for the Senses. A demonstration at Automate 2015 by Recognition Robots showed guests a system that retrieved randomly piled parts and stacked […]

Recognition Robotics at Pack Expo 2015 with Kawasaki Robotics (USA) Inc.

To Learn More About Pack Expo 2015 Recognition Robotics was present at Pack Expo 2015 showcasing the Cortex Random Picking Technology.

Recognition Robotics in “Intelligent Robots: A Feast for the Senses”

… Solving Random Picking At Automate 2015 in March, another random picking solution was creating a lot of buzz. Dubbed Cortex Random Picking and developed by Recognition Robotics Inc. in Elyria, Ohio, the system retrieves randomly piled parts and stacks them one-by-one in a uniform orientation. It does this with an off-the-shelf camera by Baumer and […]

Recognition Robotics at Automate 2015

Recognition Robotics was present at Automate 2015 showcasing the Cortex Random Picking Technology. 30 minutes til random guided picking is unleashed @AutomateShow Come see us at booth 1054! — Recognition Robotics (@RecognitionRobo) March 23, 2015 15 minutes until RAIO is released. All In One 3d guidance you can hold in your hand!! Booth 1054 @AutomateShow — Recognition […]

3D guided Shock Tower De-racking. Feasibility study thru production

  Recognition Robotics, Robeye® 3D robotic guidance solution from feasibility study to production. This video is showing how we tested the complete solution for picking complex automotive part (shock tower) in 6 Degrees of freedom. The application was then deployed at customer facility in real production environment. Complex parts can be picked with simple solution! […] article “Robots, Cameras and Cables: Avoiding Catastrophic VGR Failures” talking about Recognisense (product based on Cortex Recognition)

RecogniSense® system is a system designed by Comau based on our Cortex Recognition Software.   Cable Management, One Step at a Time Global automation supplier, Comau Inc. in Southfield, Michigan, takes a modular approach to cable management. “We generally break the cable up into different sections,” says Mark Anderson, Technical Development Manager at Comau. “We’ll have one […]

Recognition Robotics Mentioned in “Robotics+Vision at a Glance: The Dos, Don’ts and Applications”

The Googly-Eyed Robot One company that’s “seeing” VGR in a whole new light is Recognition Robotics. This Ohio-based software developer distinguishes itself from other vision suppliers as a software recognition company. “We don’t use traditional machine vision algorithms,” says Recognition Robotics Inc. (RRI) in Elyria, Ohio. “Our patented algorithms are based on the human cognitive […]