Worlds apart from machine vision, our breakthrough visual guidance system is the first of its kind, and we can prove it.

The Breakthrough Technology: Cortex Recognition

It learns, sees and recognizes objects like you do.

Show it the item to learn and within minutes it will remember and recognize it no matter its orientation or similarity to other objects. So you can build a more autonomous automated workforce. One that is more intelligent than ever. Developed, designed, built and implemented by Recognition Robotics to mimic the human visual process, our software uses a unique algorithm that enables self-learning. It can distinguish between up to 100 unique items, two- and three-dimensional shapes and dramatically similar parts, regardless of orientation, with accuracy and speed.

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The most innovative robotic visual system is also the most easily integrated. With one camera, one cable and zero engineering, our system upgrades nearly any automated workforce within hours and keeps running for decades, providing low life cycle cost.

CortexRecognition – The software behind our breakthrough visual guidance system.

A category-shifter, it redefines the automated process by giving blind robots true sight and hand-eye coordination. Paired with our hardware systems, Robeye and RAIO, it quickly upgrades any automated line.



  • Propels machine autonomy and flexibility
  • Recognizes up to 100 unique items at a time
  • Enables multiple part variance and bin-sorting
  • Minimizes mechanical complexity
  • Reduces up-front engineering
  • Reduces infrastructure expense
  • Increases automated workforce and human compatibility
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