How Robotic Guidance Systems Can Improve Your Bottom Line

How Robotic Guidance Systems Can Improve Your Bottom Line

In any industry or application, every business shares a common goal: to improve their bottom line. Advances in technology make this goal more attainable—especially in the automotive space.

While there are thousands of technologies to choose from, robotic guidance systems are versatile, efficient solutions for automotive industry applications.

Robotic guidance systems implemented with robots are configured to perform tasks by recognizing objects and their locations. In terms of products, Recognition Robotics’ CortexRecognition® and Robeye® are a state-of-the-art hardware-software solution used in numerous automotive manufacturing facilities across the United States.

A major benefit of these robotic guidance systems is their ability to improve efficiency and cut costs. Below are four ways these systems can ultimately improve your company’s bottom line.

Cut Costs

While users must make an initial investment in the technology, robotic guidance systems can cut costs for an automotive manufacturer by reallocating manpower, catching mistakes and expediting production. Because robotic guidance systems allow for the reallocation of manual labor in the assembly line, they also enhance safety in the manufacturing plant and allow manpower to assist in other areas of the plant.

Though implementing cutting-edge automation technology can seem like a daunting task, products like CortexRecognition® and Robeye® don’t require advanced skills to operate them—plant employees can easily be trained to program and run them, as no CAD data or calibration are required.

Improve Efficiency

As mentioned, robotic guidance systems can accelerate cycle times for specific operations and therefore speed up the entire production process. This is true regardless of whether they’re being used for bin picking, part or sub-assembly racking or other related applications. Unlike processes carried out by humans, the systems can be programmed to perform and complete tasks in a specific timeframe, which can lead to improved planning and greater output.

Having a robotic guidance system decreases downtime compared to traditional automation by having the ability to handle the positional variation of parts.

Robotic guidance systems can also help reduce the repetitive tasks that cause employee fatigue, which can lead to mistakes, waste or even injury.

Perform Consistently

Robotic guidance systems allow users to manufacture the same product the same way every time, which is especially imperative for businesses specializing in mass production. For instance, robotic guidance systems have the ability to correctly and consistently perform a task, such as selecting parts out of a pile or racking and deracking large objects. This eliminates human error that can occur when performing repetitive, constant tasks. CortexRecognition® paired with Robeye®, for example, allows a 2D camera to operate in six degrees of freedom, thus allowing a robot to perform difficult tasks constantly and without error.

By using a robotic guidance system to consistently produce a high-quality product, a company can improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Track Errors

Error proofing in an automotive manufacturing plant is critical to minimizing downtime and rework. Discovering errors in products before they leave the manufacturing plant is also critical to reducing costly recalls and warranty claims down the line. For example, robotic guidance systems can effortlessly detect if the wrong part is placed in a rack.

Implementing Robotic Guidance Technology into Your Plant

We understand the importance of choosing the right technology for your plant the first time around, and we want to help in any way we can. Download our CortexRecognition® guide to learn more about the proven software behind our breakthrough robotic guidance system.

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