Point and click interface. No programming is needed at any time.

Lucana Caius

Laser profile based robotic guidance software

A category-shifter, it redefines the automated process by giving blind robots true sight and hand-eye coordination. Paired with our hardware systems, Lucana Abacus and Lucana Oculus, it quickly upgrades any automated line.

The Caius software can output multiple point results in X and Z, line angles, center point, and lengths and diameters into the robot’s registry for guidance. Additional tasks, such as pass/fail path determination and/or to send alerts are also possible

Key Facts

  • Laser profile processing
  • Measure in 3D
  • Pre-calibrated to each sensor
  • Contains auto-exposure and auto-focus feature
  • Views and accurately measures the laser line’s profile characteristics
  • Includes 13 different preset line profile shapes
  • Tuned for robot guidance
  • Many ready to use shapes
  • No Calibration
  • No Programming
  • Works with every Robot (TCP)
  • Works when competitors are failing
  • EASY

Software Features

Auto-Focus and Auto-Exposure

Select the shape to recognize

  • A group of shape configurations, called a solution, may be developed to measure multiple different features
  • A request may be made for a custom shape
  • Measurement results are displayed in either metric or imperial

101% Productivity

Industrial Applications*

Used to guide robots for many tasks in the welding, gluing, sewing and many more manufacturing fields

  • BIW Fit: Roof
  • BIW Fit: Shotgun Pushing
  • GEO Loading: Shotgun Mounting
  • GEO Loading: Frontend Plate Welding
  • GEO Loading: Rail Cutting
  • Net Form and Pierce in general
  • Final Assembly Fit: Door Fit
  • Final Assembly Fit: Hood Fit
  • Final Assembly Fit: Fender Fit
  • Final Assembly Fit: Windshields Fit
  • General Inspection: Gap and Flush
  • General Robotic Guidance: Glue / Welding seam
  • General Robotic Guidance: Roof channel welding

* this list is incomplete and growing

Easy and Innovative Integration

One Laser Sensor. One Cable and Zero Engineering.

Our system upgrades nearly any automated workforce within hours and keeps running for decades with zero engineering.

Universal Communications.

Our software has been developed with the ability to seamlessly communicate with almost any industrial robotic system, so integration with your production process is nearly effortless.

Multi Platform Software

Multi-platform software accessibility: Windows, MacOS & Linux

Hardware Configurations

Lucana Abacus – Embedded Robot Guidance And Measurement Laser Profile Sensor

Need a smaller and more lightweight solution?



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