Small. Smart. Attachable. Lightweight visual guidance laser profile sensor

Lucana Oculus

Lucana OCULUS is a laser profile sensor for 3d robotic guidance designed for high industrial reliability.

The core of Lucana Caius is a powerful software that enables users to create advanced robotic guidance applications with point and click interface.

Lucana sensor utilizes Liquid Lens technology that enables depth measurement range never seen before.

What Is Lucana Oculus?

The attachable solution for any robot, anywhere.

Lucana OCULUS is an extremely lightweight sensor providing accurate measurements, specially tailored for guiding robots. Just supply 24V power and an Ethernet cable to the Computing Unit and your robot can immediately start communicating with the sensor.

The Computing Unit has a touch enabled screen that allows easy interaction with the Lucana Caius Software. Some robot controllers can be computing units themselves.

Additionally, multiple sensors can be seamlessly connected to the same Computing Unit and their measurement results easily combined with a spreadsheet interface.

What you get

  • Lightweight Sensor with Liquid Lens Technology
  • Lucana Caius Visual Guidance Software with Preset Shapes
  • Recognition Robotics Sensor Browser to remotely control sensors
  • Template Robot programs for any robot brand

Typical application

  • Locating center and diameter of cylindrical objects(axel, rim, tubes)
  • Locating seams for welding GMAW, deburring
  • Locating channel width/height/center for inserting objects
  • Locating plane angle to pick Glass, Sheet Metal
  • Locating and measuringGlue Beads
  • Measuring Gap And Flush for closures fit

Cutting edge technology

Deep Integration With Universal Robots Controllers.

The sensor software can run 100% on the Universal Robot controller. Configuring the software is done without ever leaving the Robot Teach pendant.

This provides extreme ease of use, to allow setting up application in minutes and economical advantage because no Computing Unit needs to be purchased.


Technology Insight

Auto focus liquid lens

Now with auto-focus technology. This technology allows for much faster image acquisition with objects in focus.

Mesure range

The LIQUID LENS technology allows a wider working range for applications, auto focus camera can determine the best focus at different distances without changing the acquisition parameters.


  • The LIQUID LENS technology enables much deeper depth measurement that is not possible with conventional fixed focus sensors
  • Depth image is always in focus for greater resolution


Lucana Caius is a ground breaking software that allows users to setup measurement configurations with point and click interface. No programming is needed at any time. Pre-defined shapes allow wide range of measurement options.

Sample Technical Datasheet

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