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Product Administration Suite

Product Administration Suite® finds, manages and updates the product applications.

All Recognition Robotics products share a common software framework that enables plant digitization and are Industry 4.0 ready. This framework is the Product Administration Suite.

The combination of Product Dashboard and Product Administration Server enables all of RRI’s sensors to be remotely networked, accessed, configured, backed up and restored.

How does it work?

Control all products from an external PC/Server

The Product Administration Suite is able to run on all of Recognition Robotics’ products. The new framework application manages the local sensor, which is installed through Product Dashboard and Product Administration Server.

Launching the Product Dashboard on a desktop/laptop/Mac/tablet controls all RRI products, applications and settings within the plant.

Find sensors

Find sensors on the network

Product Dashboard can find all of Recognition Robotics’ products on the same network.

Run Product Dashboard directly in the Robeye Espresso system or in your desktop/laptop/Mac/tablet. Connecting to our products has never been easier. It is possible to assign a specific Name and Description to each product on the network to easily identify the station/application.

Applications manager

Manage your applications

Applications can be installed on supported devices through the Product Dashboard.

The custom app packages are released by Recognition Robotics and can be installed and upgraded remotely from other areas of the plant.

Install, uninstall, play, stop, restart, schedule backups, update software, manage licenses and more.


Local and remote functionalities

  • Create local backup
  • Locally restore
  • Factory reset
  • Schedule local backup automatically
  • Create remote backup
  • Remotely restore, list and upgrade software

Remote Control

Control all sensors from behind your desk

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