Intelligent, robotic-fit technology


PRO::FIT is an intelligent robotic fit technology that is capable of fitting closures with high accuracy.

PRO::FIT is an AI-based engine that can learn readings from any type of sensors and robot poses, and also figure out the relation and the inverse of that relation. The learning process requires just a few dozen samples — not thousands.

The relation and inverse relation is space continuous and provides the best possible fit given user-defined metrics. The AI algorithm runs on low-power CPU, which goes against the grain of libraries from academia or open source that require powerful GPU and CPU.

PRO::FIT is not just a robot best fit technology, but also a precision robotic guidance technology used to unload parts from racks. What makes this so unique is that the technology is capable of picking a part with relatively high accuracy, even if the part is deformed.

PRO::FIT can use a single or multiple sensors. With a single sensor configuration, PRO::FIT can guide a robot or AGV to compute the pose of a very large object.



  • Easy initial setup*
  • Fully automatized procedure to quickly restore robot operation**
  • NO third-party laser tracker needed to align robot cell frame
  • NO third-party expertise needed for integration
  • Extensive and detailed remote network logging
  • One-button vision controller for full backup and restoring from network

*Takes just a few hours, depending on personnel expertise
**Takes just a few minutes for a full pro::fit recalibration after changing a sensor, robot crash events, etc.

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