When every second counts, Robeye® is our fastest and most powerful visual guidance system


Robeye® is a vision-integrated solution for 3D robotic guidance, designed for high industrial reliability.

The core of Robeye® is visual recognition and guidance software that mimics the way we see. We, as humans, are not required to use a 3D scanner or stereo in order to understand our visual environment, so why should our robots be? Robeye® uses a simple 2D camera, however it is capable of guiding an industrial robot in a full 6 degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz). The process is no more complex than clicking the teach button and erasing unwanted outlines.


Customer Benefits

Simplifies Line Feeding

  • Replaces precise mechanical solutions (pre-centering tooling, conveyors, high precision racks and rack stands, etc.).

Reduces Production Time

  • A re-engineering solution that eliminates added process time due to human operator error. This also allows for a reduction in manpower.

Increases Flexibility

  • New models only require additional programming and do not require additional vision hardware.

Quick and Easy Setup

  • Mount a single camera with a gigabit Ethernet cable attached to the vision controller. Teaching a new model to the system takes less than five minutes.

Robotic Guidance

  • No CAD data or calibration required. Connect, teach, and recognize all in less than five minutes.

Low Mean Time to Repair

  • Uses off-the-shelf components for easy system repairs.


How We Differ

No Calibration Required

  • No machine vision pixel-to-millimeter calibration required.

One Image Object Teaching

  • Recognition based point-and-click object teaching.

One Camera

  • Utilizing a 2D camera, Robeye® can provide a robot with highly accurate 3D guidance data.

No Need for Structured Lighting

  • Allows for a multitude of lighting solutions.

Vast Operating Range

  • Robeye® can find any object as long as it’s in the field of view of a regular camera image.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can Robeye® identify and localize an object?

This depends on the size and level of detail that the object possesses. Generally, automotive applications see acquisition times of less than 500ms for recognition, localization and data availability to the robot.

What object sizes can Robeye® work with?

Some objects that Robeye® works with are as small as 1 x 3 inches, and others are as large as the side body panel of an SUV!

What degree of accuracy can a Robeye® system achieve?

Our applications employ our patented, iterative process where we ensure that the robot has moved to its supposed position, as well as verify our calculations. This iterative process ensures accuracy that is only limited by the capability of the robot with which the Robeye® system is integrated. Currently, there is a production scenario that Robeye® is responsible for where a robot is performing piston stuffing with an accuracy of 100 microns.

Does the aforementioned visual recognition and guidance software come bundled with the Robeye® system?

Absolutely. CortexRecognition® is our patented visual recognition engine which drives the Robeye® system. A complete Robeye® system comes with the following items: the CortexRecognition® software, the Robeye® panel, a 2D camera, communication and light cables, and the lights themselves.

Does Robeye® need other pieces of software to function, and can it read output in real time?

CortexRecognition® is a standalone software suite that requires no additional software to facilitate its use. Real-time output readings have not yet been achieved due to latency between the robot and the Robeye® panel.

Should certain objects be avoided by the Robeye® system (i.e: polished metal, glass, etc.)?

The Robeye® system achieves the highest level of robustness when recognizing objects with many details. The Robeye® system is least robust (in 6 degrees of freedom) when recognizing small, simple shapes that lack detail and contrast.

Does the system require a CAD model of the objects that will be recognized and localized?

Absolutely no CAD is required. CortexRecognition® uses simple point-and-click object teaching.

How much does Robeye® system cost?

You may request a quote with us on our website for a price estimate.


CortexRecognition® is a ground breaking piece of visual recognition and guidance software that works with Recognition Robotics products. It functions very similarly to the human visual process and can be taught, and learn a large number of objects, then recognize and locate any of the learned objects in the camera’s field of view.

Click here for more information about CortexRecognition®


What’s In The Box?

Robeye® Espresso Starter Kit + Software

  1. Robeye® Espresso Touch Screen Monitor with CortexRecognition® Software
  2. Robeye® Espresso Sensor
  3. Sensor Lens
  4. Lens Cover
  5. Bar Lights (2)
  6. Bar Light Splitter
  7. License Dongle
  8. Keyboard

We offer a complete system with all components needed to guide any major industrial robot. Just mount the components with their cables and you’re ready to guide.

Sample Technical Datasheet

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