Infrastructure based on in-house, high performance C++ 

Single Software

All Recognition Robotics tools and technologies are compiled and linked together in a single software.

  • Allows for quick and seamless integration between different software packages (Example: NebulaRecognition and Planner)
  • Provides unified experience for the end user (No need to switch between different softwares, loading and saving or importing other file formats)
  • Capitalizes on reusing the same process in terms of logging, backup, restoring, database, remoting, software upgrades, etc.


All software made by Recognition Robotics is based on our in-house, high performance C++ framework that has been in continuous development for the last 10 years with outstanding features.

  • Runs on all major operating systems (Windows XP to Windows 10, Linux Kernel 3.x+, macOS 10.9+)
  • Works on multiple CPU architectures (Intel 32/64 Bit, Armv6, Armv8, Arm64)
  • Provides high performance I/O networking based on event loop architecture (similar to Node.JS)
  • Presented with a high-performance immediate mode user interface running over OpenGL (and optionally DirectX/Metal)
  • Has a custom-built engine for 3D Visualization (OpenGL)
  • Has a custom-built, extremely fast binary data serialization format that allows for frequent saving and backup with minimal I/O
  • User has the ability to remotely control 2D user interfaces inside supported browsers or when using Product Administration Suite
  • Allows deployment of software as a single, statically-linked executable
  • Allows running of software on any machine without needing to install third party frameworks, runtime or libraries (other than camera drivers)
  • Uses SQL database engine to provide continuous snapshotting of application data for history or backup purposes
  • Exposes the entire live-in memory data model as JSON formatted HTTP Rest Endpoint for IOT/Industry 4.0 needs
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